Brave One is a full-service digital marketing agency working with businesses, non-profits and individuals that are mission-driven and dedicated to making the world a better place. We develop full-scale marketing campaigns that connect with your consumer’s core values. Using digital and social media, as well as new-school PR strategies, we will grow your business’ audience, improve your brand equity and increase your bottom line.



Lukas B. Snelling

President & General Manager

An expert in digital media and communications, Lukas began his career at CBS where within just a few short years he ascended to the position of Director of Digital Media. While serving as Director, he was the recipient of the Web Marketing Award for Outstanding Achievement in Web Development. Lukas eventually left CBS to form his own marketing consultancy, Digital Media Army, a consulting group dedicated to helping businesses increase revenue through effective online communication.

While still at CBS Lukas founded the Green Radio Initiative, a program that encouraged audiences to embrace more sustainable lifestyles across the CBS portfolio of assets.

Lukas has overseen national media campaigns for both Fortune 500 companies as well as non-profits, he has also advised corporate executives on their PR and communications strategies, particularly those related to sustainable and environmental initiatives. He has led numerous organizations in the creation of media, fundraising, sales and marketing campaigns.

Jesse Mayhew


Prior to founding Brave One, Jesse owned and operated CSRcopy, a writing firm dedicated to helping corporations with their corporate responsibility and sustainability initiatives. Jesse has written and consulted for a vast range of companies including Capital One, Energizer, Compass Group North America, Freeworld Media, 3BL Media, Public Address System, and many more.

Jesse served as Director of Editorial and Operations at CSRwire, a leading global source of corporate social responsibility and sustainability news, reports, events and information.

A veteran sustainability writer, thought leader, and consultant, Jesse is the author of Corporate Storytelling and Your CSR Strategy, a highly regarded industry report dedicated to best practices in cause marketing and social media strategy. Jesse’s writings on Corporate Social Responsibility have appeared in The Washington Post, 3BL Media, SB Communications and CSRwire. Jesse currently serves as Communications Director for CitySprout.

Kenneth Soto

Lead Copywriter & Account Manager

A skilled copywriter and marketing specialist, Kenneth first entered the world of digital marketing over a decade ago as a creative assistant at an Emmy Award-winning multicultural marketing firm in Boston, MA. Over the next several years he worked as a blogger, SEO specialist and media buyer at a variety of advertising and talent agencies in the Boston area.

After receiving a master’s degree in integrated marketing communications from Emerson College, Kenneth embarked on a career as freelance copywriter and digital marketing specialist. To date his work has been featured in campaigns by Fortune 500 companies, global financial institutions and international case-good manufacturers.

In addition to his work with Brave One, Kenneth’s writing on marketing, finance, advertising and pop culture has been featured on a variety of websites including Boston.com, MyMove.com, The Sumo Skinny and The Next Great Generation. In 2010 he co-authored the marketing e-book, “Go Native: An e-Marketers Guide to Navigating the Digital Jungle.”



After college Jesse and Lukas seemed to embrace different paths; Lukas pursued a career in digital media marketing, radio, PR consulting and communications, while Jesse carved out a name for himself through writing, journalism, and brand development. Soon enough they saw how their separate paths had in fact been parallel lines. They each had embraced a commitment to economic, social, and environmental justice, and both were working with companies to help them build a better world. As a result the pair combined their expertise to form Brave One to better serve leading sustainable brands in the challenges they face.



Brave One was the name of a space dog that completed over 5 high altitude test flights between 1950 and 1960 – that’s what’s with all the canine imagery and space-lingo too. We adopted Brave One as our logo and namesake because we felt she was the perfect emblem for a firm dedicated to bringing the good that businesses can accomplish to new, unprecedented heights.



At Brave One we believe “corporate social responsibility” is more than just a marketing term buried in the back of textbooks. We work with businesses that back up their words with actions, display a high standard of ethics and are responsible citizens in our global community. We are a megaphone for businesses, non-profits and individuals who are doing good and deserve to have their voices heard.

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