Brave One's Repair the World Case Study

Case Study: Repair the World®

All Repair the World® apparel is made sustainably from 100% recycled materials by blending recycled polyester and recycled cotton to create their incredibly soft and comfortable Reparel™ Fabric. Thanks in part to this disruptive manufacturing technology, Repair the World® is amongst the most eco-friendly, people-friendly clothing companies in operation today.

Despite the incredible, breakthrough qualities of their products and the company’s deep commitment to sustainability, Repair the World ® was having trouble gaining widespread recognition within the textiles industry.

Once Repair the World® underwent our ORBIT Assessment, they were able to to finally achieve the recognition, attention, and differentiation that their products, values, and mission so richly deserved. Through our ORBIT assessment, we helped Repair the World® to optimally communicate their core values, better define their positioning, and tell the story of their corporate citizenship to their stakeholder community. Beginning with in-depth demographic surveys and interviews, we helped Repair the World® to ascertain what socially conscious consumers looked for first and foremost when it came to sustainable apparel. With this information in hand, Brave One began an in-depth rebranding of Tulong’s web presence. After a thorough reimagining of the design, copywriting, and layout of their website, we deployed a comprehensive content marketing campaign that grew Repair the World’s consumer base and established them as a primary thought leader in the world of green clothing.

Learn more about the ORBIT Assessment by downloading this informational PDF.

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