Digital Publishing


Engage stakeholders by creating immersive and engaging digital CSR publications. At Brave One we take your existing reporting assets, enhance them with multimedia interactivity, and distribute them across popular mobile devices such as Apple’s iPad and Google’s Android Tablets.

Benefits of Digital Publishing:

  • Reach a much larger audience.
  • Become far more accessible and convenient to read.
  • Make your report more sustainable by saving on paper and printing costs.
  • Fully capture the attention of your stakeholders with interactive content.

Distribution Across Mobile Devices - If you are merely publishing your annual reports through downloadable PDFs or on a few dedicated web pages, you are severely limiting your audience. World-class, groundbreaking CSR and sustainability communications should be delivered with cutting-edge, groundbreaking platforms and tools.

Customized Solution - As we adapt and redeploy your report, we work to help you better understand the unique strengths and advantages of digital technology, familiarise you with best practices in digital publishing, and help you to integrate your publication seamlessly into the entirety of your promotional efforts.

Take Action - Let us showcase your company’s positive impacts, commitment to sustainability, and increase your brand equity and audience by translating your report into a beautiful, impacting and interactive experience. Call us at 413-650-2772 today, or email to get started!

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