ORBIT Assessment

ORBIT ensures socially responsible corporations optimally communicate their core values to their stakeholders

Through our ORBIT Assessment, Brave One conducts a thorough audit of your present corporate responsibility efforts. Once our appraisal is complete, we develop new channels, improve existing communication methods, and solidify your CSR brand identity. Whether streamlining current efforts or creating entirely new ones, we help companies better define their approach, track success, and tell the story of their core values and corporate citizenship to an audience of consumers, employees, and investors.

ORBIT is a five-step process that affords us a comprehensive understanding of your organization’s past and present CSR communications efforts. These steps include:


  • Comprehensive interviews with multiple stakeholders; everyone from customers, investors, and executives on down to your organization’s newest hire.
  • An exhaustive audit of current internal communications channels; including intranet, corporate magazines, newsletters, and any additional publications.
  • A review of all external marketing, advertising, and PR efforts.
  • Past and present non-profit and corporate partnerships.
  • Active digital and social media strategies and policies.
  • A thorough assessment of public opinion and recent media coverage.


Once we have a complete understanding of your past and present CSR efforts, Brave One determines what strategies should be discontinued, what can be recalibrated, and what has yet to be explored.

  • We locate where your CSR reputation falls relative to your closest competitor’s.
  • Investigate new partnerships with advocacy organizations more in keeping with your area of industry and the core values of your corporation.
  • Develop and deploy quantitative online tools to determine if your social and environmental priorities are aligned with those of your stakeholders.
  • Analyze industry trends to determine which initiatives will put your company at the forefront of CSR.
  • Additional factors and considerations based on industry, company size, and product or service characteristics.


After completing our overview and research Brave One presents our findings and strategies in 3 distinct action plans:

  • Internal CSR Communications
  • Business-to-Consumer CSR Communications
  • Investor CSR Communications

Each of these Action Plans will form the bedrock of your communications strategy for their given audiences. They will detail where you have been, tell you where to go next, and create traceable reference points to direct your CSR strategy and maintain a path towards success. Each action plan addresses the following topics:

  • Status Evaluation: Each action plan begins with a review of your current CSR performance and its effectiveness.
  • Competition: We break down your industry’s current CSR trends, review your competition’s current strategies and responses to said trends, and determine your company’s current industry reputation.
  • Recommended Communication Strategy: The bulk of each action plan outlines your new communications objectives, provides revisions to your CSR Brand Voice, and proposes new initiatives. Your strategy will include amendments to existing communications channels, both online and offline, suggestions for resource allocation, as well as the development of new assets and communication methods. After we define the platforms for your CSR communication, each action plan provides a strategy and timeline for a long-term, multichannel PR and Marketing campaign.


Brave One’s resources allow us to execute on our recommendations through content creation, asset development, and project management.

To implement strategies Brave One maintains the following services:

  • PR and marketing strategy and execution
  • Copywriting and content creation
  • Campaign management
  • Media strategy and placement
  • Digital design and development
  • Qualitative and quantitative research
  • Analytics


Tracking is offered in the months following ORBIT’s completion, and covers the following areas:

  • Increases in media coverage
  • Changes in investment and investor relations
  • Displayed affinity on all social network sites
  • Growth in employee awareness and involvement in CSR initiatives
  • Revenue growth

This PDF covers our ORBIT Assessment in complete detail.

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