Every two years the attention of the world turns to The Olympic Games. If you can focus even a fraction of this attention onto your brand and its cause, the response could be significant to both your impact and bottom-line. While there is no surefire way to connect the popularity of the Sochi Olympics to your brand, here are three ways to get started.

Connect with an Athlete

For many Olympic fans, the main draw of the Olympics is hardly the games themselves. Olympic broadcasts are full of feel good stories about athletes who have overcome the odds (poverty, discrimination, war, natural disasters) to become Olympic champions.

Is there an athlete whose life story resonates with your cause? Don’t be afraid to share their story on your website, blog and social media. Tell the story of why this particular athlete’s story has touched your brand and ask your fans to join you in cheering them on. Whether they are victorious or not, congratulate them on their incredible achievements.

Connect with Your Community

Whether your organization does its work in the United States or abroad, take the opportunity to root for the home team. Use your brand’s social media to share your happiness over victories and praise strong efforts despite defeat.

Sports are a conversation starter. A common interest in the games could be the icebreaker you need to enter the communities your brand wishes to be apart of. While you need to be wary of using any Olympic logos in your promotions, a show of joy over the games is something many of your fans will happily share. Just be careful not to over do it. Showing a bit of patriotism is endearing and welcome. Going overboard could be seen as narrow-minded or one-sided.

Connect with a Global Cause

The community of social good crusaders is tight-knit and strong. Thus far, coverage of the Sochi games has brought up many injustices in Russia and across the globe. Fortunately, members of nonprofits, cause-driven organizations and champions of social good have stood up online and in person to have their voices heard. No matter what cause your organization represents, take the opportunity to standup alongside your brother and sister organizations in the fight for equality and social good. Whether you use your brand’s social media to take a stand for gay rights, animal rights, environmental change or any of the other topics that the winter games have raised, be sure to have your voice heard. Your fans and fellow champions of social good will appreciate it.


Image By Tim Hipps [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons