3 Ways To Boost Your Brand Online Workshop in San Francisco, CA

May 7, 2014
Lukas Snelling

Brave One founder Lukas Snelling will be participating in an evening workshop at the Impact Hub in San Francisco on May 14th, 2014. The title of the workshop is "3 Ways To Boost Your Brand Online." The workshop covers online PR, paid advertising, and lead conversion. The workshop is designed for individuals interested in learning how to use online marketing to grow their business.

Register for the workshop or get more details here.

Workshop Description
You’ve got a business or idea you want to grow – but you don’t know where to start. You know authentic marketing and building awareness is essential to your brand’s reputation, but the options seem daunting. In this workbench we’ll jump start your marketing knowledge by walking you through how to get the word out online, advertise your business, and convert leads into customers.

First, we’ll work together to create your own brand story and show you how you can use word-of-mouth and strategic partnerships to grow brand awareness (Online PR). Then we’ll focus on how paid advertising (PPC & Facebook) can introduce your brand to a larger audience. We’ll finish by taking a look at how to convert website visitors into customers by covering the keys to relationship building (landing pages, email marketing and tracking.)

By the time you complete this workshop, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of your next marketing steps, and the knowledge to get started.

About the Instructors
Lukas Snelling is General Manager of Brave One, a digital marketing firm for socially responsible and mission driven businesses. Brave One helps clients generate brand awareness, leads and revenue through inbound marketing, paid advertising and SEO.

Ashley Klein is Principal at ATKads and a seasoned advertising professional. Her experience includes search marketing of legal firms; fine art, as well as international consumer and lifestyle brands.

A former political operative with a passion for connecting people, Kim Hunter runs Kim Hunter PR which offers community-based marketing to accelerate positive social impact. Kim is also co-founder of SupperShare, a sharing economy platform that gives back, one shared meal at a time.

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