8 Social Good Startups to Watch in 2015

June 15, 2015
Sarah Peyok

In 2014, we saw startups support refugee women, make fashion more sustainable, and connect professional volunteers with nonprofits. This year we foresee startup businesses impacting even broader change and societal good.

With transparency and social responsibility taking the helm in the business sector, the rise of the responsible business model will become ever more apparent as new companies begin to take form, grow, and become household names.

“Social good” has many forms – be it by crowdsourcing information to bring more logic and civility to online commentary or creating new plant-based foods that are better for your body, wallet, and the planet. In 2015, these social good startups will be ones to watch:

Mission Critical

www.missioncritical.ccMission Critical baby carrier | @missioncriticalgear

Mission Critical offers a modular baby carrier and line of carrying accessories uniquely designed for dads, using military-grade materials and construction.

What to Watch for in 2015

Baby-carrying dads now have a line of gear designed to look and function as awesomely as they do. It’s baby gear built with functionality, adventure, and swagger in mind.

Mission Critical encourages parents to take the same adventures they did before they had kids. And, this company is growing. With positive reviews and a heavy social media following, Mission Critical is poised to become household brand name for new parents.

The bottom line: It’s baby gear for active dads. This innovative company is spurring a trend with baby-wearing dads – making it functional and cool.

Hampton Creek

www.hamptoncreek.com | @hamptoncreek

Hampton Creek is a food technology company headquartered in San Francisco focused on finding new ways of utilizing plants in food products. They’re also the makers of the ultra-popular Just Mayo, an eggless mayonnaise.

What to Watch for in 2015

Selected by Bill Gates as a company shaping the future of food, Hampton Creek is making healthy, flavorful foods affordable and accessible to everyone. According to founder and CEO Josh Tetrick, he wants to “get rid of s--- food that’s bad for our bodies and bad for the planet.”

Early last year Hampton Creek raised $23 million in Series B funding. Also, be on the lookout for its Just Cookies, recently launched with Compass Group, the largest foodservice company in the world.

The bottom line: Reducing one’s carbon footprint is simple when plants are involved. Hampton Creek’s mission to make good, plant-based foods accessible to everyone is something every humanitarian (and vegetarian) can support.


fiskkit.com | @fiskkit

Fiskkit was created to provide a better place (better than Facebook or Twitter) for people to discuss serious and controversial news topics and crowdsource information that is accurate or complimentary for every article on the Internet.

What to Watch for in 2015Fiskkit tags

“Fisking” an article means going through an article line by line and rebutting it while citing sources. Fiskkit provides a platform to discuss news that matters that favors facts.

Selected as the 2015 Launch Fest Social Impact Award winner, Fiskkit founder John Pettus hopes the site will bring more “logic and civility” to online commentary.

The bottom line: Fiskkit allows you to paste an article link in its search box to see what others are saying about the article. Users can add comments and select support tags (true/false, fallacy, descriptive, or complimentary). Then you can get “insights” and see the distribution of all the tags and most common tags within the news article. The end result is an objective, statistically valid description of any news article.


supportpay.com | @supportpayapp

SupportPay® by Ittavi debuted the first-ever automated child support payment platform.

What to Watch for in 2015

Ittavi (“it takes a village”) is on a mission to end family financial conflicts. SupportPay, Ittavi's inaugural product, is the first-ever automated child support payment platform, poised to transform the complex and time-consuming process that impacts nearly 300 million parents exchanging more than $900 billion in child support and child expenses worldwide.

SupportPay recently raised an additional $1.5 million, bringing the total raised to $2.6 million to date. Recent funding came from a combination of current investors, including The Entrepreneurs’ Club and Salesforce, and new investors, including T5 Capital Partners. SupportPay will use the funds to support its substantial growth, expand its channels, and enhance the platform's features.

The bottom line: Divorce and child support issues are relevant for nearly half of the world's families. SupportPay helps to standardize the billing and payment process for child support and other shared expenses, easing financial tensions and conflicts.

Amass Media

amassmedia.org | @amass-media

Amass Media empowers organizations to tell their social impact stories by creating an online platform that connects nonprofits, social ventures, and small businesses with talented filmmakers.

What to Watch for in 2015

Amass Media makes the search for socially impactful video projects and film freelancers easier and better. This platform helps social enterprises get their stories on video while building portfolios for amateur and early-career filmmakers.

It took first place at the 2013 Big Ideas@Berkeley competition, gaining much exposure.

The bottom line: By fundamentally altering the video production landscape, Amass Media’s services will create an impactful way for early-career videographers and social enterprises to advance their agendas. It will also lead to the expansion of creative content and greater public awareness of social justice issues.

Orange Harp

www.orangeharp.com | @orange_harp

Orange HarpOrange Harp app is the world's first mobile app for fashion by artisans and brands that respect people and the planet. Users can shop unique, high-quality, and ethically crafted products.

What to Watch for in 2015

This new e-commerce startup was featured by Apple as one of the Best New Apps and Apps with Apple Pay. Orange Harp also donates 1% of all sales to nonprofit Not for Sale to support the end of human trafficking.

At its launch Orange Harp featured 19 brands offering over 1,800 products, and the current growth plan is to add one – two more brands each week to its service.

The bottom line: Orange Harp is making it easier for consumers to buy socially conscious products, including fashion, accessories, and other beauty care items. It accomplishes this by partnering with sustainable goods companies, making ethical storytelling easier to digest, and reminding customers of their impacts on receipts.


utterly.co | @utterlyco

Utterly makes playful, comfortable, and sustainable children’s clothing at a high quality parents appreciate. Utterly sources all the fabric it uses from brand new surplus, rescuing it from the waste stream, and reducing the need for new production.

What to Watch for in 2015

This fledgling company is just taking off. Its Kickstarter “Piece Campaign” will be coming soon. Every day parents are unknowingly exposing their kids to potentially hazardous chemicals. Utterly is committed to a transparent supply chain and eliminating the worst chemicals. Utterly’s business model helps guard natural resources and works for people and the planet.

The bottom line: If we can get monsters out of closets through more sustainable apparel and reduce waste at the same time, then you’re on board with Utterly’s mission.

Stay tuned for more from these Social Good Startups in 2015!

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