The Truth About Why You Need a Digital Agency to Be Successful

August 22, 2014
Lukas Snelling

At lot of startups and businesses consider marketing to be one task they can handle with a savvy in-house staff person. With traditional media that may have been true. In a digital world, even with in-house marketing staff, having access to an outside resource may be the difference between success and failure. Here are the top five reasons why working with a digital marketing agency, like Brave One, will super-charge your success:

1. Experts Are Paid to be Up to Date

Digital marketing is hyper-prone to creating “instant experts”. For example, many read a blog post or an eBook every-so-often and think that makes them an SEO master. The reality of this approach is that it only provides a cursory understanding of the skills. If the reader isn’t living in the digital marketing space, they aren’t able to adapt to its constant changes.

Google and others are constantly updating their algorithms. Facebook is changing what you can and can’t do on a brand page. What worked today may not work tomorrow. One of the most valuable benefits of bringing in an expert is that it is literally our business to understand and adapt to the latest changes. Working with a real expert keeps you on top of these changes and best practices. An in-house team member, with their often-divided focus, usually can’t keep up.

2. We Know What Success Looks Like

Your business may be going through the motions of sending out email promotions, blogging and posting to social media, but chances are you don’t really have a grasp on what’s actually working. Are users engaging with your social media posts? Are promo emails leading to sales?

A good digital marketing agency has other clients they can benchmark your efforts against as well as a good idea of industry-wide benchmarks. Additionally, they’ve seen what has and hasn’t worked in the past. By working with an experienced agency, you get access to all of this insight and can instantly increase your brand’s performance online. Of course, the definition of success is different depending on the brand, but an expert knows the pathway to achieving success and has a plan to get there. You can think of a digital marketing agency as your guiding light in the land of online marketing - it may be dark out there, but they have the skills and tools to drive you forward safely.

3. You Aren’t Getting it Done

Our clients are really good at what they do. They make and sell home goods, clothing and other eco-friendly products. That doesn’t mean they are also experts in digital marketing, and in most cases they don’t have the time or desire to be experts at all. Many of the brands we come across simply don’t have a plan, don’t have the staffing resources, or don’t have a good sense of how online marketing could help their business. In short, they just aren’t getting it done. For these clients, hiring a digital marketing agency means they can focus on what they are good at and let experts like us achieve their goals online. They can stop worrying about having to produce a blog every week and instead can focus on the things that make them great. Do they know exactly what their eCommerce conversion rate is? Maybe not, but we do… and that is important. There is substantial value in having an expert oversee, execute, and augment your online strategy.

4. We Know When to Quit (Saving You Money)

Success online often depends on conducting tests, learning from those tests, and executing again. Brands, especially smaller ones, are often quick to get discouraged if initial outcomes aren’t great. We hear things like, “We’ve done a lot of blogging, but never really saw many people reading our posts so we stopped.” Of course, they fail to realize that 10% of posts are responsible for 90% of traffic, and that it’s likely their content wasn’t optimized to bring in traffic.

An expert has the experience to know if a tactic could work or if it’s time to shut it down. Is better optimization possible or is that channel just not right for this brand? Making these decisions swiftly can save a lot of frustration and money.

5. We Create a Foundation for Success

Sometimes our first steps with a new client are going backwards to reevaluate decisions they’ve made in the past. Many clients have thrown themselves into digital marketing without ever building a strong foundation for their future success. They may have selected a poor platform for their goals (no CMS) or executed a poor strategy (black hat SEO). In either case, without the right foundation they are unable to build on their success.

When an expert steps in, he can determine the brand’s goals, and build the technology stack and processes that will allow the brand to build on success in the future. This foundation is crucial; without it any time or resources invested in growing the brand is wasted on bad technology or presentation. Often brands just didn’t have the in-house knowledge to make good choices from the get-go. In these instances, every dollar spent on an expert returns many times over as the brand grows.

Bonus: We Grow Your In-House Capabilities (And Position You to Win)

The best clients we have at Brave One are those that want to learn what we are doing and why we are doing it. It means they are more engaged, see the value in our work, and want to work with us to execute. In those situations our expertise is actually growing the in-house expertise. It’s advancing the brand’s online savvy-ness and increasing the chances they are well positioned for a big win.

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