Using Racism and Fat-Shaming to Promote Equality (for women)

March 26, 2014
Kenneth Soto

Belgian organization is fighting the battle for wage equality between the sexes and doing it with the help of racism and fat-shaming. The group released two spots earlier this week portraying the "absurd" notion that anyone should be paid less due to their weight or the color of their skin. The ads are light-hearted, but the message is clear. If wage discrimination based on race or weight is ridiculous, why is do we accept the wage gap between the sexes?

While the message is obvious, many feel that the ads have missed their mark. First off, many individuals DO feel that they face wage discrimination due to their race or weight. For them, wage discrimination is no laughing matter. Secondly, while the absurd commercials may garner YouTube views, the ridiculousness seems to overshadow what should be a serious message.

What do you think about's newest campaign? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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